Atelier NAAU is a Dusseldorf-based communications agency representing brands, projects and individuals that aim to change the way we communicate, consume, perceive and produce fashion and beauty. Sustainability and transparency form the core of what we do and we work with clients who embrace those same values.

We build relationships with our clients and consider them as partners on a common journey. We take the time to truly understand their needs, wishes and goals. We provide bespoke individual solutions that aim to present our clients in an honest and authentic way.

Brand optimization

We review the concept, performance and perception of brands to create strategic enhancement using a visual and content-based approach.

Holistic and individual public relations work

At a time of digitalisation and changing expectations, we provide tailored public relations strategies that combine old and new media. Unique strategies are critical for making an impact and standing out amid today’s plague of infobesity.

Customized marketing strategies and implementation

We design and translate marketing activities that reflect and highlight our partners’ overall presentation and temporary projects. Marketing activities strengthen and extend the conversation with the audience.

Distinct media planning

Incorporating audience needs and preferences, we define distinct media plans that promote visibility and prompt action.

Collaboration with influencers

The world of social media influencers can be as obscure as it is efficient. By handpicking the most select influencers, we can communicate within and beyond social media channels.


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